We offer four readiness (4) products designed to equip early stage organisations with the frameworks to not only partner well in Web3 and with other DAOs, but to build partnerships with TradOrgs, institutions and foundations to attract capital, experienced talent to enable revenue generation in the global digital economy. We recommend all 4 to enable comprehensive design of your organisation.
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By-Laws Design

Many business owners and officers often miss a great opportunity when they are in the process of setting up their organisation. Your organisation is unique. Your by-laws should be too. Our team of experts will work with you to ensure that your organisation runs effectively and smoothly to maximise the opportunities that the digital economy presents.
For new DAOs
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Accountability Scope Design

We help define how your organisation structures and delegates accountabilities. Incredibly important for investment due diligence and proactively ensuring members understand their accountabilities within the organisation. In an ever more risky business environment with sector regulators scrutinising performance and practices more than ever, it's critical that organisations develop robust and transparent accountabilities. From a legal perspective, demonstrating organisational system of accountability mitigates risk and supports an assessment of potential liability in relation to any wrongdoing. We work with you to define how you structure and define accountabilities in your organisation.
For all organisations
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Member Structure Design

Similar to the Know Your Customer (KYC) requirements for most organisations setting up accounts for customers online, our Know Your Member - Member Structure Design product When onboarding new members to you organisation, you want to be sure you have the information for regulators. We work to design the systems to build a solid trusted relationship with your members, from first contact to off boarding. Similar to Know Your Customer (KYC) but for your member base Although we’re entering a digital space, attracting and retaining the right humans in the right positions is critical.
For new DAOs
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Governance & Risk Design

A good risk management plan helps identify and prepare for a range of risks both known and unknown. The process for developing a risk management plan might include: Categorising risks – including an assessment of the likelihood and severity; Impact measurement – determining what constitutes tolerable, unacceptable and intolerable risk levels; Monitoring of selected risks – assessing performance against risk management strategies to ensure they are meeting their objectives. While ESG and net zero best practice reporting
For all organisations